Dqlite documentation 3

If you want to see dqlite in action, please check out the demo program that comes with the Go dqlite bindings. For details about dqlite’s internals see the architecture notes, the consistency model description and the replication mechanics. Alternatively, you can watch the talk about dqlite that was given at FOSDEM 2020.

If you’re writing an application please refer to the dqlite C header file or the go-dqlite Go bindings.

If you’re writing a dqlite client for a new language, please refer to the wire protocol description.

If you have questions about dqlite, please have a look at the FAQ before filing issues.



Mapping table
Topic Path
Architecture /docs/architecture
Consistency model /docs/consistency-model
Wire protocol /docs/protocol
Replication /docs/replication
Documentation FAQ /docs/faq